About AFAQ

We are Ready To build a better society
And child protection.

Implementation & Work Sectors :

    Protection :

  • Case Management CM
  • Protection from Remnants of War CPP
  • Alternative education and STEM skills
  • Psychosocial Support PSS
  • International Humanitarian Law IHL

    Education :

  • Afaq Institute for Thought and Political Science
  • Afaq Institute for Industrial and Technical Sciences
  • Afaq Institute for Urban Sciences and Urban Planning

    Early Recovery & Livelihoods :

  • Vocational Training


To improve nutrition, eliminate hunger and achieve food security


To raise healthy children that require less time to sit and increase the play time


Provide alternative temporary shelters for displaced people living in hot areas

About AFAQ

Afaq Academy is an independent civil society, and non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any political party. It was founded in a youth initiative in 2012. It is registered and licensed in France under the number (W953003945) on 28/01/2012, in Turkey it is licensed under the number (27-018-155) on 09/10/2013

What We Offer

  • Protecting civilians and providing humanitarian assistance
  • Protecting children and support community initiatives to reintegrate them into society
  • Providing knowledge which serves local communities
  • Supporting people's resilience and empowering them to support themselves
  • Building the capacity of the affected communities in the legal, administrative, scientific and professional fields
  • Empowering women's capacities
  • Raising the awareness of society in the areas of democracy and rule of law
  • Spreading the culture of dialogue coexistence and the concepts of peace, freedom, justice and dignity

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